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Second Post/ Skunks and Fish/ 'Lil Jimi or Sylvia?



The second in a series of inventive dialogues between Cousin Rob, as well as Margaret and Robin on the Power of Invasive Odors, Knitting and Succumbing to the Digital Age.

Margaret (back in Fairbanks): "Next blog post should be when you are inspired. If something strikes you as fun or funny or poignant, pop it in there. Maybe the skunk and fish story from Pearl's perspective? Or, a fish obituary for Pearl's fish?"

Robin: "Pearl's still pink from her tomato juice bath, but that's not very literary."
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The First Blog/Fat Oskar

Dipnetting on the Copper


The FIRST in a series of inventive dialogues ON BLOGGING with Robin's cousin Rob McLean, who has almost the same name as her, and Robin's best friend of 40 years, Margaret Eagleton:

Rob: "...I don't see why it wouldn't have to be authentic. Just seems like you need to get over the idea that you totally don't want to do it because that's not 'authentic', it's just a mood or predilection if you know what I mean. If you write it, it'll be authentic."

Robin: Ok ok.
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