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"Cold Snap" in PANORAMA

Thanks to the editors at Panorama: The Journal of Travel Place and Nature for republishing one of my favorite stories, "Cold Snap" in their hot-off-the-presses issue on Ecology. It's both an amusing story (I think) and not very funny (you'll see). Put a sweater on before read it.


Thanks especially to Nicolas Sampson for recruiting my work for this wonderful new journal, and also, in general, for his tireless and ever-various efforts on so many important projects like Panorama.  The team there has collected an incredible range of works in Issue #11: tree experts and screenwriters. Critters and marshes. Poetry, fiction, essays, images.


I'm eager to dig in, and eventually to arrive at the Eaten Section, and "Ancient America's Corn Corridor" by my pal, Melissa Guerra. 


I really love their Mission Statement at Panorama too.


Happy Spring from Missoula, Montana!

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Kansas City -- Here comes....

Hey, if you're at AWP 24 in Kansas City, join me Thursday, Feb 8th at 9:00 am, and a panel of amazing writers of new kinds of American Westerns. 


A New Canon: Five Writers Remaking the American West




Room 2502A, Kansas City Convention Center, Level 2
Thursday, February 8, 2024
9:00 am to 10:15 am


Otherwise, see you at the CutBank Table (#3009) in the Book Fair with all the Missoula writers!



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Reading with Jules Ohman....Missoula



See you there, Missoula. This should be fun....


All the details here.

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Lost in Redondo




This just posted.... A new Lost in Redonda episode with the brilliant book hounds Lori Feathers and Tom Flynn


We are talking about Ceremony, the great American novel by Lesley Marmon Silko. 


Listen now....

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Hey Adelaide, Australia... see you soon

Australian short fiction writers will be gathering soon for a feast of words in Adelaide on Nov. 9-12 for the 2023 Australian Short Story Fest.


They have invited me along.


If you happen to be in Adelaide (or can send an Aussie friend), here's my schedule for the Fest. They will be keeping busy:


Thursday 9th, "Bridging the Divide, Exploring Dangerous Writing," A Workshop, 2-5pm
Friday 10th , in Conversation with Danielle Clode, 10.30-11.20am
Sunday 12th, "Looking Not to Settle" a Panel Conversation with Lisa L Hannett, 2.40-3.30pm


I'm so thrilled and honored to attend.


Thanks Anna Solding for inviting me.


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GET'EM YOUNG is Back-to-School-Reading (for Grown ups)

Big thanks to Annabella Farmer and the Santa Fe Reporter for the great review and recommendation for Get'em Young. Read it here.





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Of Cattle and Men, a Book Review

Please follow this link to Robin's recent Southwest Review book review about Of Cattle and Men by Ana Paula Maia, translated by Zoe Perry. This wonderful new short novel is out from Charo Press just this last spring. It's good. 

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Story West/ Reno May 23

Join us on May 23 in Reno for Music and stories of the West... Details here

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Please Log On & Cheer GET'EM YOUNG!

Hey friends,


Get'm Young, my new collection of stories, just made the long list for the inaugural 2022 Republic of Consciousness Prize, a very fancy new prize only for small literary presses in the US and Canada. (I'm so thrilled!) The prize been awarding adventuresome small presses (and books) in the UK since 2017, but now they have come to North America.


If you have time to join, please put this Zoom event and a reminder on your calendar:


Celebrating the 2022 Republic of Consciousness Longlist
Mar 1, 2023 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 839 6886 7587
Passcode: 791574


I'd love to see you there and feel friends cheering And Other Stories, Get'em Young and me.


I'll be reading from Get'em and talking about the book with all of the five judges, my genius editor Jeremy Davies and the brilliant authors and translators of the nine books on the long list. 


The shortlist will be announced sometime after this event. Crossing fingers for Get'em Young!


See you there!



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