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Radicals in Conversation / Bookhaus and Pluto Press Podcast

Hey, so here's a collaborative podcast with Darran McLaughlin from Bookhaus (Bristol, UK) and me, orchestrated by Pluto Press (London), one of the world's leading independent, radical publishers. The conversation was recorded on Nov. 30 by the water in Bristol, along with a little gang of hard core readers. 


If you are interested in buying my books, please do from indie stores that have supported my book tour, like Bookhaus or one of the many US bookstores listed here. (Books are signed and the stores all ship.)


Thank you Darren and Jesse at Bookhaus and to Pluto Press for making this go!

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Evanee's Best of 2022 / Get'em Young and PTB (both!)

If you're into Substack, Evan Dent, a book seller in NYC, takes deep dives into new and old books in his literary newsletter. And he really likes my books.


Two made his Best of 2022 lists today, Get'em Young in the "published in 2022" category -- along with the likes of Mark Haber and Yilun Li -- and Pity the Beast on the "read in 2022" list -- along with the like of Toni Morrison and Fyodor Dostoevsky. Yikes.  


Thanks, Evan, for finding my books! 


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Hey Instagramers... here are a few photos from the US book tour for Get'em Young, Oct & Nov, 2022.


The first, here, is National Book Award Winner, Jonathan Lethem, and me at Skylight Books in LA on Election night 2022. Thanks Jonathan for a great conversation, so far-ranging and inspiring. Here's to next time....


More photos from the trip in the next days...


Thanks Stephanie Steiker for taking this one...



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Thanks WORD FACTORY and Amy Stewart!

Thanks Amy Stewart and Word Factory for all the attention lately, starting  with a wonderful review of Get'em Young by Amy out today, and also an upcoming interview with Aspen P., coming soon.  (It was fun to meet A.P. in a subterranian, but kind of glam, wine cellar in Edinburgh for that one.)


Thanks for all you do for short fiction and for writers like me. 


Gotta love Scotland!

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Across the Pond/ Thanks Lori and Sam!

Thanks Lori Feathers and Sam Jordison for inviting me on Across the Pond, your cool podcast, again, to talk this time about Get'em Young, Treat'em Tough, Tell'em Nothing...(was on with Pity the Beast last year at about this time.) The collection is up for the Republic of Consciousness Prize, which Lori co-founded. So it was lucky to get to chat.


It was fun and cool to talk with you guys, and hopefully interesting for all. Lori and Sam also dive into about Joyce's "The Dead" on this broadcast, so Joyce fans, get ready.


Listen here

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An Amazing Piece of Writing/ "Labyrinth" by Sandra Jensen

Hot off the presses...


Read this gorgeous, moving and terrifying short story, "Labyrinth," by my good good pal, Sandra Jenson, in the Atticus Review


Good going, Sandra. Congratulations. We want more!



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A Best Book of 2022 / Lunate / Thanks Jesse Jones

            ...For this....
"The most surprising book I read this year, fiction or otherwise, was Robin McLean's Get 'em Young, Treat 'em Tough, Tell 'em Nothing (And Other Stories). This short story collection surveys an innate Americanness with flare, uncanniness and a profound disaffectedness. McLean spans a plethora of states, identities, and time periods, with a mystery and sense of the (almost) unbelievable. There's both grand, folkloric tales and a story entirely taking place in the mind of a man stuck in a tree; she's truly a master of the form."


Read about all the 2022 Lunate favorites...

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Recommended Reading / East Bay Books

Thanks for the recommendation, Leigh, and East Bay Books.


"...takes the great American myths and quick-skins them for the open flame. Stories: absurd, harrowing bleakly hilarious."


Get Get'em Young from East Bay here.


Happy end of semester to all you teachers, profs, writing friends in school! 

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A Best Book of 2022 / The White Review

Big thanks to writer David Hayden and the White Review for selecting Get'em Young, Treat'em Tough, Tell'em Nothing as a Book of the Year among some fine company. This is the second year in a row. Last year Joanne Kavenna chose Pity the Beast for the list


Thanks for all you do at White Review for art and literature. 


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Foyles/ London / Chris Power

Fun times in the UK Dec 1st. Thanks Foyles and Chris Power(!), one of my favorite writers, who moderated the Indie Stage event with Sheena Patel, Peter Scalpello, Jennifer Atkins, Thea LenarduzziDaniel Hahn, Marieke Bigg Rebecca May Johnson and me. It was great to meet and listen such a wide array of talented writers, and such an honor to read among them. Thanks especially Michael Watson at And Other Stories for setting this up and squiring me about town before and after.


Thanks Nicolas, Mel (all the way from Texas), Sandra Jensen (all the way from Brighton), Melanie and John for showing up.


Happy Holidays all! 


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