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Podcasts / Interviews / Etc / Contact



Podcasts/ Radio


Other PPl Podcast with Brad Listi 


Across the Pond Podcast with Lori Feathers and Sam Jordison


The Write Question, Montana Public Radio with Lauren Korn


Literary Friction/ minisode #26: "Twilight Knowing" with discussion of Pity the Beast and other books about climate.


KWNK 97.7 FM Reno / A Writers World with Shaun Griffin / "The Herd Out West, Listening to the Women in Robin McLean's Pity the Beast" / 10.12.21 


"Open Book" BBC4 with Chris Power




Full-Stop interview by Kyle Williams 

Q&A @ ZZYZZVA with Peter Schlacte


 Lists of all Kinds


Playlist for Pity the Beast @ Largeheartedboy.com

 Lit Hub, 5 Authors Interview, No Wrong Answers!

 Women and The Wilderness, Robin's Reading List



Essays with Words and Photos


How I came to write Pity the BeastA photo essay

Author Portrait by Melissa Guerra: A photo essay from the American High Plains Desert

A Covid-19 Happy Ending: a photo essay / Nevada Humanities



Reptile House 


 Interviews, etc.


"The Sentence Must Sound Right" Mud Season Review, May 2016.

 New Hampshire Public Radio/ The Bookshelf 

Interview in the NASHVILLE REVIEW



Agent: Stephanie Steiker @ stephanie [at] rhaliterary [dot] com

Press, publicity & bookstore inquiries in the US: Tom Flynn / tom [at] andotherstories [dot] org

Press & Publicity in the UK: Nicky Smalley/ nichola [at] andotherstories [dot] org


Ike's Canyon Ranch: www.ikecanyon.com


robinmclean0 [at] gmail [dot] com