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Solo Writer Rides into Town, a blog post of Nevada Humanities, 9.1.22



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November 2, 2021 

(Publication Day)

US Launch @ Collected Works in conversation with Lesley Poling-Kempes

202 Galisteo St.

Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Watch it now.


Order signed books at Collected Works, Santa Fe.





November 9, 2021


UK Book Launch @ Sam Reads in conversation with Cynan Jones

Sam Read Bookseller
Grasmere, England 

Watch it now.


Buy the book from Sam Reads!





November 16, 2021 

Women Writing the West @ Hugo House in conversation with Margot Kahn-Case

1634 11th Ave.
Seattle, WA 

Watch it now! 






November 18, 2021


@ Tombolo Books in conversation with Jim Shepard and Katrin Schumann

1153 1st Ave S
Saint Petersburg FL 


Watch Now.