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(Watch an event from the independent bookstores below -- and if you know a writer, buy from an Indie, since Indie bookstores are the key to the future of books) 



September 25, 2021


"You Always Remember Your First"

 Debut Novelist Panel @ the Montana Book Fest

 Missoula, Montana

 Watch it here.


Buy a copy from Fact & Fiction Bookstore in Missoula MT (a fine MBF sponsor)




November 2, 2021 

(Publication Day)

US Launch @ Collected Works in conversation with Lesley Poling-Kempes

202 Galisteo St.

Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Watch it now.


Order signed books at Collected Works, Santa Fe.






November 3, 2021

@ Sundance Books in conversation with Dion Graham 

121 California Avenue
Reno Nevada 

Watch it now.


Order signed books are from Sundance Books and Music, Reno. 




November 4, 2021


East Coast Launch @ Community Bookstore in conversation with John Larison

143 Seventh Avenue
Brooklyn, NY              

Watch it now.


Buy the book from Community Bookstore's Front Window





November 9, 2021


UK Book Launch @ Sam Reads in conversation with Cynan Jones

Sam Read Bookseller
Grasmere, England 

Watch it now


Buy the book from Sam Reads!




 November 10, 2021 


@ Skylight Books in conversation with Brian Everson / 7.30 pm PST

 Skylight Books 

1818 North Vermont Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90027 

Buy a signed book from Skylight Books.





November 16, 2021 

Women Writing the West @ Hugo House in conversation with Margot Kahn-Case

1634 11th Ave.
Seattle, WA 

Watch it now! 






November 18, 2021


@ Tombolo Books in conversation with Jim Shepard and Katrin Schumann

1153 1st Ave S
Saint Petersburg FL 


Watch Now.