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Get'em Young in Edinburgh, Scotland

They say it rains a lot in Scotland, but it's been all sun here. Edinburgh Castle (fun to go there thinking of "Judas Cradle" from Get'em Young), the Christmas Market just opened by the Scott Memorial on Princes Street, Dunkeld-- the Scots' ancient capitol-- Perth, Crieff, Storm and Arthur's barn, and the green green hills dotted by many sheep. Thanks Margaret for coming from Fairbanks, Ak to make it so fun. Glasgow is next (after the trip south, see below).


Thanks especially to the genius indie booksellers in Edinburgh for inviting me in to sign books this week. Portobello Bookshop (hi there, Helena, Elsa and Elena, thanks for the cab), Blackwells (hello Chris J, I hope you like the book), Toppings (thanks Rachel of the feminism and science books dept), Golden Hare (hey, Polly, the lunch rec was great,) and coming soon to Typewronger.


The roadshow shifts south soon to the other side of the Scotland border:              


BRISTOL, Bookhaus                                                 LONDON @Foyles

November 30                                                               107 Charing Cross Road,

Rope Walk,                                                                   December 1 
Bristol BS1 6ZJ                                                            6 -9 PM
0117 244 0326                                                             hosted by Chris Power

6 - 8 PM                                                                        with indie authors:
More info                                                                      Sheena Patel, Peter Scalpello, Jennifer Atkins,

                                                                                        Thea Lenarduzzi,

                                                                                        Daniel Hahn, Marieke Bigg and

                                                                                       Rebecca May Johnson.

                                                                                          More info                                                                  

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GET'EM YOUNG, a NYTIMES Recommended Title

Thanks to the NYTIMES and Gregory Cowles for adding GET'EM YOUNG to this week's Editors' Choice list. What an honor and thrill to find the stories in such wonderful company. 


To see how much love both GET'EM YOUNG and PITY THE BEAST have been getting at the NYTIMES this month-- the WSJ and GUARDIAN too-- scroll down to recent posts.


Huge thanks all. It means so much.

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Double Wammie on lucky Nov 13, 2022 in the Sunday NYTIMES Book Section.


PITY THE BEAST made it into Paperback Row.


GET'EM YOUNG appeared in a print review by the stupendous Aimee Bender in the same issue. 


Thank you to the NYTIMES, Tom, Stefen and Jeremy @ And Other Stories for making this happen. 


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I got this copy of the Sunday NYTIMES Book section in the Salt Lake City airport. I took the picture in the middle of the concourse... travelers kindly making way for a clearly crazy person, some maybe wondering what was up. I tried to show it to the high school kid next to me on the next plane who was reading 1984 for class. (I told her that was a good book, Orwell's, that she had there....) 


Thanks to all the kind people who helped make this book tour happen. It has been a dream. Thanks especially to Tom Flynn of And Other Stories.


I'm headed to the UK soon (Bristol on Nov 30, London on Dec 1).... for more fun with tea and crumpets.

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What a wonderous night in Seattle. Thanks especially to Putsata Reang (MA AND ME) who gave her precious time and energy to talk about my stories with me last night. Thanks also to Spencer and Third Place Books for making it happen. It was fun to see James from Madison Books show up, also many fabulous Seattle and Hugo House friends, especially Lynn and Brian Grant and Shira. 


See you all next time in the Emerald City. 




Buy signed books from Third Place. They ship, and every order to an indie bookstore helps to keep indie publishing vibrant. 

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Wall Street Journal / Bookshelf/ Sam Sacks

It's pretty cool to be reviewed by Sam Sacks of the Wall Street Journal with such big shots. It's also fantastic that he plugs Pity the Beast (again). 


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