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May 7, 2015

Photo by Jim Bates
AMHERST, MASS: Reptile House is officially LAUNCHED. It blasted off from AMHERST BOOKS Thursday night with many many good friends and family in attendance.THANKS FOR COMING EVERYONE. Thanks especially to Nat at Amherst Books, Noy Holland for your kind introduction, Debbie McLean, Kim McLean, and Steve Toebes for putting it together and for Marshall O'Leary and Carlyn O'Leary for making the thing go. Thanks Mom and Dad for making the plane. Thanks Jim Bates for the photo. Thanks Farmer Mike for being bartender -- among other things. Betsy McLean Vielhaber, you were so there in spirit -- xo.

Next stop THE ODYSSEY BOOKSHOP in South Hadleywith the astounding Jim Shepard on May, 14 @7.


Word on the street is that Lynn Pasquerella, Pres. of Mount Holyoke College will be stopping by the The Odyssey reading.

Booked July 25th at world famous Fireside Books in Palmer, Alaska.


  1. May 28, 2015 12:24 PM EDT
    I want to thank farmer Mike for being the bartender, too!
    - Tim Sutton