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David Hayden's Review of Get'em / THE GUARDIAN



Thanks to David Hayden

and The Guardian

for supporting my work


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SANTA FE/ Collected Works with Greg Martin

Greg Martin and me at fabulous Collected Works in Santa Fe on Oct 25, 2022. Thanks to Greg, Dorothy, Cecile and all the wonderful Santa Fe gang...watch here.


They have lots of signed books and will ship! 


Thanks for supporting the indie bookstores that have supported the book tour! 

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SNOW in MINNESOTA / Twin Cities Book Fest

Join me at Rain Taxi's  Twin Cities Book Fest tomorrow Oct 15 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. I'll be on the Fiction Showcase panel at 1:30 with Phong Nguyen (Bronz Drum)  and Akil Kumarasamy (Half Gods and Meet Us by the Roaring Sea) in the Fine Arts Building. Dress warmly. I'll be reading from the new collection and chatting with these wonderful writers and all in attendance.


Meanwhile, over in the UK, the paperback of Pity the Beast made a Must Read List by Jane Shilling in the Daily Mail Online. Nice!


The launch is coming! 


See you somewhere across the USA! 



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