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The First Blog/Fat Oskar

Dipnetting on the Copper


The FIRST in a series of inventive dialogues ON BLOGGING with Robin's cousin Rob McLean, who has almost the same name as her, and Robin's best friend of 40 years, Margaret Eagleton:

Rob: "...I don't see why it wouldn't have to be authentic. Just seems like you need to get over the idea that you totally don't want to do it because that's not 'authentic', it's just a mood or predilection if you know what I mean. If you write it, it'll be authentic."

Robin: Ok ok.

Margaret: "What about something really fun. Like some kind of blog collaboration or cool writing exercises to make the unconscious come out and write the piece for you. Carl Jung and shit."

Robin: "Yeah, that could be fun. Or fish obituaries."

Rob: "Or take photos of a charming musician playing his violin on an old Gothic bridge in Prague or Rome or downtown Bristol. Then write something sweet and lyrical about the old guy."

Margaret: "Great idea, Rob."

Rob: "Thanks."

Margaret: "Or maybe tell what's happening with Reptile House. The stuff with the cover and editing. People are curious."

Robin: "But I have this poem about a dead fish called 'Fat Oskar.'"

Rob: "I'm not sure about the dead fish part, but maybe."

Robin: "It's from my archives."

Margaret: "I think people are more interested in dead fish than you think."

Robin: "And if people like Fat Oskar, I have tons of other dead fish poems."

Margaret: "So cool..."

Rob: "Alright I see your point. It's also a link to your old days in Alaska."

Robin: "So yes to Fat Oskar?"

Margaret: "I think we agree."

Rob: "Go for it, cuz."

Fat Oskar

Fat Oskar was fat and took
his time in eddies
would die when the spawl
was done
it’s nature

An eddie is water that goes
round for ever
Fat Oskar greeting
flapped a fin

Death is when the heart
stops the gills turn
like old age
Rest in Peace

If you would like to contribute a fish (or reptile) obituary to this blog, please post a comment below with the basics. DON'T YOU KIND OF REALLY WANT TO?

OR email me at fishobituaries@gmail.com.

Robin McLean also blogs at Mike's Maze.
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