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Second Post/ Skunks and Fish/ 'Lil Jimi or Sylvia?



The second in a series of inventive dialogues between Cousin Rob, as well as Margaret and Robin on the Power of Invasive Odors, Knitting and Succumbing to the Digital Age.

Margaret (back in Fairbanks): "Next blog post should be when you are inspired. If something strikes you as fun or funny or poignant, pop it in there. Maybe the skunk and fish story from Pearl's perspective? Or, a fish obituary for Pearl's fish?"

Robin: "Pearl's still pink from her tomato juice bath, but that's not very literary."

Rob: "Screw literary. People want dog stink."

Margaret: "Do you have an obituaries yet for the shad Pearl rolled in?"

Robin: "Working on it."

Margaret: "Debbie's almost done with group obituary for the newts -- her lack of regret over their sudden deaths."

Rob: "Fantastic. When can she get it to us?"

Margaret: "The newts are scheduled for next week. We can link them to Reptile House updates. You know, little lizards."

Robin: "Teamwork!"

Rob: "But what about this week? We're on deadline."

Robin: "We have 'Lil Jimi' or 'Sylvia.' Both obits from the Copper River Archive."

Rob: "Which has the stronger writing?"

Robin: "Totally different styles. So subjective."

Margaret: "Which has the more warm-hearted message? We don't want to bum people out, you know."

Robin: "Lil Jimi's' pretty dark. Sylvia's more of a cautionary tale."

Rob: "Go with Sylvia. We only got four comments on 'Fat Oskar' last week."

Robin: "Four is way more than I expected."

Margaret: "Maybe our readers are too shy to comment."

Robin: "My friend Nina saw it. She loved Fat Oskar."

Rob: "Yes, but why didn't Nina comment?"

Margaret: "Nina's a knitter. Maybe she was on a tricky sleeve."

Rob: "Skunks get people's attention. I'm leaning that way."

Robin: "Skunks feel almost like cheating."

Margaret: "Skunks make people happy."

Rob: "I agree."

Robin: "What about those horses down the street with dietary issues? Across from Roy's Garage. The laminated sign."

Rob: "Save the horses for a rainy day."


Was a very vain fish
Was checking her make-up
When netted.


If you would like to contribute a fish (or reptile) obituary to this blog, please post a comment below with the basics. DON'T YOU KIND OF REALLY WANT TO?

OR email me at fishobituaries@gmail.com.

Robin McLean also blogs at Mike's Maze.
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