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Longlist/ Republic of Consciousness Prize

Whoa, this is pretty exciting... Get'em Young was just longlisted for the 2022 (inaugural) US and Canada Republic of Consciousness Prize for Small Presses.


I'm so honored to be among this bunch of so so amazing writers!! 


Look at the whole announcement here, its inspiring and heartening comments from the founders and judges. 


Sign up for a live reading of the long list. (March 1, 6pm CST)


As the announcement explains, this is a prize spotlighting literary fiction from small presses only, because they believe these works -- often too risky for larger presses -- are necessary to the world of books. Aside from lavishing attention, this prize also rewards the all small presses on the longlist with badly needed hard cash. I'm so proud of these folks for dreaming up, then bringing to reality, this new and necessary prize. I'm blow away that my book is being considered for the shortlist.


Thanks to all the judges for picking my book, and to Tom Flynn from And Other Stories (and the whole press) for submitting the stories.  


I was invited onto a podcast called "Across the Pond" with Republic of Consciousness founder (and Dallas bookstore owner), Lori Feathers, and Sam Jordison, an wonderful indie publisher in the UK. Listen to it here.


Crossing fingers for the short list!

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