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Well, Bristol was just a fun time... arriving in the glowing--but otherwise apparently abandoned -- city as England played Wales in the World Cup. I saw police on horseback, steeds shoulder-to-shoulder facing in at pub windows so their riders could see the game. Then the street parties after as I went hunting for grub.


The next day I cruised about, navigating with a paper map (some locals were amazed by it), across Spike Island to Storysmith, then through town to Gloucester Road Bookspast Bansky murals, endless charity shops, and food from across the world, before hustling back down the big long slope, to the Christmas Steps, to the aquarium, to the big black Rhino Beetle watching over the Christmas Market in Anchor Square... to the wonderful event back at Bookhaus. Signed copies here


Thanks Darren and Jesse from Bookhaus for the great chat by the sea with the Bristolian readers and writers gathered...and for the historic pint at The Llandoger Trow after. I will be rereading Treasure Island now that I've been there. 


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