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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #18.0: LAST STOP: A BIG CARBON FOOTPRINT

Lots of Stops

Chicago: just a hop. Three hours / nothing.

Cooled down in nearly men's only coffee shop by Wrigley Field until reading in a nearly woman's only bookshop (thanks WOMEN & CHILDREN FIRST BOOKSTORE) -- got a t-shirt. Hello Mad, Wendy, Paul from U of I, Lois and Tamara from Italy, the Windy City MHC gang, and Sarah from the WCF book club who I just bet but who HAD READ THE BOOK ALREADY, WOW.

5am is peaceful in the Windy City: Pink on the lake, boats bobbing like they own it. Tall gold buildings getting gold. A shimmering stadium, a silver Bean, a zoo with a new baby sloth.

Indiana yawning. Ohio just over there.

Googlemaps lies.

Pennsylvania for blink.

Peanutbutter with a plastic spoon.

New York glows a little with watering eyes.

A motel? Repulsive. Keep going.

Tolls paid with sticky quarters.

A campground? Not after Montana.

Keep going to Lenox and Kelsey Starr with the kids in THE BOOKSTORE in Lenox, Mass, with pretzels -- which were kind of hard to find -- and wine bar. Thanks Colin, thanks Matt! See you on the next book!

10,000 in this car + 1400 in Nancy's in Alaska + 2000 in New England before, then there are the flight miles, someone should do the math. After this nap on the back porch. After two naps maybe + a play + a haircut + shop talk with Teri from the Seattle writers gang (amazing) + a swim to Victory Rock + a sticky bun or part + jam on toast (peanut butter ruined for the moment) + a book + a walk up Cardigan with Pearl who fell on the ground upon my arrival -- cried, both -- at this apparent Resurrection.

xo Mom and Dad for the car.
xo Team Sidewinder, you know who you are.
xo America!

more soon....

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