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Shipwrecked / Decatur Island, Wa.

On the Beach: whole cedars drowned and bleached.

Other sundry driftwood.

A single sandal, men's size 12..

A 20-foot whip of seaweed with a bulb as a float.

Patches of pebbles washed away leaving only sand.

A portly man who wanted a tour.

Forts made with driftwood.

Wind battered houses.

Another island. Another island. Another island.

A pirate ship. A skull and crossbones. A small cannon. A poop deck. A prow.

A "Play at your own risk" sign.

Has book tour has gotten lazy? Soft?


Next stop: Sandpoint Idaho Library with LOST HORSE PRESS on July 29th at 7 pm.

See you soon Christine at Lost Horse. There are a whispers that DEVIN BECKER winner of the A. Poulin Jr Poetry Prize-- might be joining me there as a surprise reader.

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