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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #12.8: GRAND MESA = BUGS

Saying NO to GPS


34 to 40 to I70 past Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek, Copper Mountain. Hung a left at Glenwood Springs in search of the Avalanche Creek Campground for lunch but it was lost and we never found it. Kept going off the beaten path through Marble, Redstone, Hotchkiss, Orchard City, Cedaredge to Grand Mesa National Forest where there are lots of bugs.

Camping was $8 with a senior NPS pass (go GB) and $16 if you are young and poor.

The fish were thick -- no gear.

Hot even in evening.

Casadillas and rice and beans. The avocado are still not ripe despite a day in the sun on the dash - hard as rocks. They are now in a paper bag. One bag of firewood is $6. The camp hosts have three small dogs. They drive a golf cart to get the cash...

Crossing into Utah. The back seat is not as tight. 100o miles to SF. Better hurry. More soon.

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