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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #12.5: THE RH ROAD TEAM DOUBLES


BOULDER COLORADO: After much fuss, planning and speculation, the Sindwinder team has just doubled in size with the delivery and pick up of these two fine literary children to and from the Denver International Airport.

The older one has a driver's license. They both have debit cards.

They will stay on the tour till Seattle.

They will not spend all their money in Boulder since we are leaving today after a wonderful night with Jodie Hoke and Carol Keeley and they new friends last night at the Boulder Bookstore.

We are looking at Maps.

We are reading for the Rockies. Next stops:

June 30, BOOKS INC, Mountain View, CA. with Robert Thomas.
July 1, BOOK PASSAGE, San Francisco, CA (Ferry Building Store), 6 pm.
July 3, 2015 COPPERFIELDS, Healdsburg, CA, 7 pm.
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