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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #12.3: 10 THINGS TO DO IN BOULDER WITH A COSMONAUT


1. Take close up shots of the Cosmonaut.

2. Eat sweet potato and pineapple pancakes with the Cosmonaut.

3. Walk around lakes and pet dogs, wonder if your dog will remember you or accept the Cosmonaut.

4. Discuss Cajun food with sales clerk in shoe store who does not ask about the Cosmonaut.

5. Answer questions about the Cosmonaut asked by eager strangers at Tea Rooms with 103 teas on the menu.

7. Drink water to fend of elevation sickness since Boulder is at 5363 feet, which is nothing for Cosmonauts.

8. Discuss the gender of the Cosmonaut with trusted companions, and how the gender of the Cosmonaut was discovered with same.

9. Tour the area, assess recent flood damage, waves at friendly people in cottages, pass shops called "The Fit Shall Inherit" which will include any Cosmonaut.

10. Cruise up to the Continental Divide with the Cosmonaut.

10. Get out of the big city, go Louisville in the rain for brussel sprout salad and meet with small children interested in jet packs, Darth Vader and Cosmonauts.

10. 10. Pick up teenage relatives at the airport who are happy to accept with the Cosmonaut and the illegal AirB&B we're camped out in.

See the Cosmonaut in person at the BOULDER BOOK STORE tonight, June 25 @ 7:30.
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