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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #11.7: THE ALAMO


Parking was $15 so we circled for a $5 lot.

The stone walls were thick, admission was free, the giftshop was made in China with a diorama in the middle of tiny men climbing up tiny wooden ladders up the tiny slits at the top of the walls. A few trees. Enemy encampments at the edges, who is the enemy? One man was shot in the minute ear, barrels, wagons, tents by the creek running down the center of the grounds (can't have a fort without a creek), firewood stacked for the 12 day siege, tiny horses rearing, tiny cattle penned, tiny dogs. The men fought hand-to-hand, the uniforms and weapons were painted with care. "See this cannon? Come take it!" Santa Anna did. Who was right? Who was wrong? Who owned Texas before it was Texas? One giant above the battle scratched her head. All the websites disagree.

The cannon is on the t-shirts.

It rained, warm, but Mel had brought her son an umbrella. It was in the side pocket back in the parking lot.

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