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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #11.6: CHISHOLM TRAIL #2


Dallas to Austin: THE CHISHOLM Perspective #2:

When you live a day on the Chishom Trail
You watch the gas gage.
Drive south where cows once walked -- Cowboys followed
with tunes and whips
to Fort Worth -- the Stockyards --
Then onward, like all of us.
The Chisholm (in a car) is not
Dusty / muddy.
as if Vermont had been pulled tight at the edges.
Vistas and dips
Dips and visas.
Talk to your sister about her Match.com account:
"What's my password?"
"nomoreidiotsever," you say, but that's not it.
Talk to Tim about strawberry sales, about sleeping in,
about JFK as a tourist attraction.
Look for gas.
Pass the Billy the Kid Museum
Closed and small.
A storm 3 miles high.
Clerks were friendly and skeptical
At counters with jerky
Clouds are small even when big and free with water
Find gas in Hamilton, or better yet, Hico
then the smallest bar in Texas
in Austin
the bar, like anything, is without verification, as is
the most beautiful drive
in Texas, the best day of your life.

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