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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #9: SKYLIGHT / GET A DAMN TICKET

Los Angeles: Skylight Books.

So when I came up with this "tour" idea, I did not not really know if I was really going to get invited to read in one single book store. The book stores part of the "tour" was really more of a hypothetical, and hypothetical have sometimes gotten me into a lot of trouble. But I asked all my writing pals what book stores to contact. I did what I was told. I sent out a bunch of confident sounding emails asking for dates, including the beautiful book announcement BOA made back in the fall. Skylight Books was on my LA target list and I was aiming for a reading in late June, to then shoot up the coast of California after and get to Anchorage for my July 15th date.

When they wrote back, they told me Reptile House was right in their "wheelhouse," but that they could only take me if I read within the first month after publication -- by June 12. This was not going to work. Bummer, shucks, maybe next time but then a trusted California friend (Claire B) said "Get a damn ticket. You have to go to Skylight."

I was in a middle seat both directions but it was worth it!

Skylight was full last night with every friend I know in LA! What a great night. So much fun! Thanks everyone for coming and Skylight said to come back on the next book and I think I will!!!

Next stop Prairie Lights tonight with my Peoria Team of Young Literaties. More soon...
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