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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #12.6: REPTILE HOUSE GOES TO 12,000 FEET

Not Much in the Way of Westward Movement


On the last morning in Boulder I followed
a raccoon
it waddled down Pearl.
I though she would run into the street.
She dropped into the sewer.

The car was a tight squeeze -
but "tight" is a lie.
Gloria's feet rested on chicken soup
Carlyn's pillow and armrest were groceries bags
Marshall navigates, picks the tunes, fiddles with
the GoPro on the hood.
I drive with jugs of water propped against my leg.
The car is very tight.

At Lily Lake we walked. We saw a weasel or marmot
some small swimmer.
Purple columbines, wild roses.
The ducks were small and show offs
Marshall wanted to climb the tall rocks.
A salamander or newt, but if ia newt it was
an giant newt.

At 12,000 feet I met Hannah from Austin.
I saw my new friend Hannah in the tundra.
How can that be? But it was.

We stopped for elk more than once.
A marmot
Stellar Jays with potato chips in their beaks.

I thought I would cry a couple times.
The road going up and up.
Driving into clouds.
The snow.
The flowers.
The kids and GB.

The tents were quick, one yellow, one rust.
Marshall learned to work the stove.
Curly pasta and tomato sauce.
Eat more to make room in the car.
Food is never better than camping.
It was fun to find the trash.
Fun to walk the loop.
The sunset was pink and the kids took pics
Fun to crawl into the tent.
Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

Tomorrow ??? but maybe Grand Junction.

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