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TOUR BLOG POST #6: The Epicenter


ROCHESTER, NY: Re: The Discussion and Reading of Reptile House / how / why we write / create / live / love / suffer / act like wierdos when at first we seem so normal. All this in the room to the left as you enter the Gates Public Library. Ate one banana before for nerves while Mel smoked a secret cigarette. Good crowd. These people had DONE THEIR HOMEWORK, as in had read the reading in advance. Had questions ready. Almost an ambush except that I WROTE "Cold Snap" so if there were any answers, I had them. Actually this writers group had tons of answers. Thank you for reading, for connecting, for taking the time to come and talk.

Thank you to the Judy MacKnight and Lindsey Reber of Mount Holyoke Club of the Genesee Valley. They set this whole thing up. I'm grateful.

Thank to the Liz and Jim Patton for putting up with me, feeding me, giving me a free ticket to the Eastman House, and letting me watch the last episode of Mad Men with them (Liz). Wonderful.

Rochester is a beautiful town. I love all the cameras at the Eastman House, the old man's double/ imbedded organs, wow, and excellent postcards in the gift shop.

BOA -- awesome -- see you again soon. More fun than I deserve.

Coming soon: a Fish Obits exclusive, "White Bras Only" by John McLean, worth waiting for.

NEXT STOP: Harvard Bookstore with Launch Lab comrade Stephanie Kegan and Sylvia True. May 21 @ 7.


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