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The Second in a Series of Follow-Up-Posts (taken from reader comments) this one by Cousin Rob connecting Dots -- Boats with Whales and Propellers, with Eureka Moments even if they're Wrong, with the Human ability to Rule and Destroy, with Ebola as proof of Human Impotence, with Adam and Eve.

As to PHINIUS.... There’s a larger point here, if only my pea-sized brain could grasp it (the whale and his orange-sized brain would have no problem grasping it, even while illustrating it). First of all, the ability of humankind to draw references, to connect dots, is what gave us the ability to run them over in boats. But the dots we connect are as random as evolution. Tons of blind shooting (I wonder if it’s the same whale…) and then a random strike of actual insight and certitude.

It’s kinda like the idea that just as all of these random insights eventually congealed into an ability to rule and destroy nature, we all go back in fits and starts and evolutionary dead ends to a single cell of life. It’s possible. But rather than a single eureka moment, a lonely flash of life, what if back then the conditions for the origins of life were just there and that shit just happened. Spontaneously. All over the place, in infinitely different ways. I don’t see why that couldn’t be the working model.

That line of reasoning goes against the times, though. The Ebola times, I mean. The scary thing about Ebola is just how lucky we are that it isn’t incredibly contagious. I didn’t know this, but while it’s seriously infectious (as in, spreads quickly within your body), it’s not contagious (spreading between people). It’s so infectious that all you need is one cell of it to get into your bloodstream, and it can eventually take you down. With humans and planet earth, it took two of them hooking up in the garden…

I'll leave you all alone now.

The Errors in the Garden

Oh Adam
Don't go
I promise
Never -
I won't Chat
with that
Snake Again



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