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Where could it be? Photo by Michael Carolan


The first in a Series of Young Genius Posts, this one by Sophie M/C concerning Impersonation of the Elderly, Lost and Found Objects, Blabber-mouth Sisters, Grief, Apologies, as wells as The Omnipresence of Death, and Looking Toward the Future.

This summer when I went to New Hampshire I had my uncle widdle me a cane. My cousin Johnathan and I played old people together. He’d say things like “Margret, have you been snack’n on them grahm crackers again?” And then I’d say stuff like “I’ve gotta run to the store and get some of them painkillers.” We had so much fun together. I took my little cane everywhere I went.

One terrible day, I left my cane in the cabin and when I had come back to play with it, it was gone. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find it! my cousins heard me freaking out and thats when Gabe spilled the sorry truth to my blabber mouth little sister. Of course Kate told me and I got real mad. I ran to my mom in the other cabin with a red face in anger. She asked me what was wrong. “Gabe threw my cane in the lake!” I cried. Now, my mom knew how much that cane meant to me and she wasn’t too happy with Gabe. She talked to him and he said he was sorry, but I was still pretty upset. Mom said that he would have to go out in the canoe the next morning to find it, but of course he slept in and didn’t. I kind of had to give him a break though, his mom had died a year ago that day. My cousin Marshal was nice enough to search though. He didn’t find it and I got a little sad, but thats ok, It’s only a wooden cane after all.

I know that there’s always next year to get another cane and play again, but I’ll always remember the year I lost my cane in twenty fourteen. Even though I don’t still have my cane today, It had a good run and I enjoyed it in the time I had it.

A Cane

Twisted and peeled
With a bend at the top
As a handle
Drifted off maybe
Maybe kindling
Maybe next summer


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