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Lance: Swim to the Front of the Run


The First in a Series of Self-Interviews of and by the Editors Fish Obituaries (Cousin Rob, as well as Margaret and Robin) concerning the first three months of Blogging, Successes and Failures, Collaboration, Tom Sawyer, Vegetarians, and the Omnipresence of Death.

Interviewer: So, Rob let's start with you. You've been going three months at Fish Obits. Where do you generate your best ideas?

Rob: Well, as you know, we don't divulge sources.

Margaret: What do mean "best" ideas?

Interviewer: Ok, where do you get "your ideas"? "Any" of them?

Margaret: We have tons of ideas, pretty much constantly.

Robin: We don't really "get" ideas.

Rob: We absolutely "get" ideas. But where are you going with that question?

Interviewer: It just looks like, well, you get lots of material from other people. There I said it.

Margaret: Are you talking about plagiarism?

Interviewer: Well, I've read the term "Tom Sawyer Blogging," with regard to the Fish Obits style. Big borrowing's going on, guys.

Rob: Is this one of those "ambush interviews?"

Interview: No need to get defensive. I love your office by the way.

Robin: We've never even mentioned "Tom Sawyer."

Margaret: I love that book. The first YA to ooze over into Adult.

Rob: Tom Sawyer was a total racist.

Interviewer: But where do you get your ideas? The hedgehog stuff and broken cat legs. This is just a friendly interview. For promotion. To get the word out.

Margaret: We are not vegetarians, if that's what you're driving at.

Rob: We are not interested in political correctness.

Interviewer: Ok, ok. Another question. How bout: "Any big surprises as new bloggers?"?

Robin: The biggest surprise is definitely screen shots.

Interview: Go on, please.

Robin: You have to hold your hand in this awkward position, then scoot your pinky. Really hard.

Margaret: You've gotten better with practice.

Robin: Thanks.

Rob: We're getting T-shirts made with our logo.

Margaret: And we have a reader in Brazil. That's it, I guess.

Interviewer: Ok, the last question. What will you do when you run out of Fish Obits?

Margaret: Ha!

Rob: What do you mean "run out"?

Robin: Fish Obits are absolutely everywhere.

Lance, The Racing Fish

Was famous because he STREAMED behind
the School, then broke away at the end and Won
Not the true Salmon Way
Also Lazy Swimming

His credo: Swim to the Front of the Run.
And look where it got him.


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Robin McLean also blogs at Mike's Maze.
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