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You - Fish:

The Spawn -- Alaska / Photo by John Vinduska


A Fresh Fish Obit by Guest Blogger and Novelist
Kara Lindstrom (also at Sparkle Life, her first novel) concerning Rule-Making as Self-Deception, the Hierarchy of the Beasts, Useless Analogies, RSVPs, Grief, Second-Thoughts, and Apologies.

Writing a fish obituary forces me to rethink one of my food rules: Do not eat what you can’t kill yourself. Well, I’ve done it, kill you – fish -- so I can eat you. Can’t kill a cow. A chicken, either. Well, this is stupid. Rules are there to stop you from doing things that you’re able to do, not allow for them. I mean it’s easy for Pay-Day Cash to charge a gazillion percent interest. Doesn’t mean it should be in the rulebook – go ahead, charge away, it’s easy! So, all this time, I’ve been eating you – fish -- proud as shit of my credo. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Writing an obit, it turns out, is heavy. Rethinking gets to the meat of it all.

I know you – the fish – will stand back and say, “Hey, who cares about usury or your credo when I’m the one who gets killed so you could check “fish” on an RSVP card or eat salmon en croute in West Hollywood.

You – fish -- wouldn’t be wrong to judge. My fish obituary is one big fat grave marker: I am so sorry.


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Robin McLean also blogs at Mike's Maze.
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