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BOOK REPORT #1 / Big Progress / 4 Items

BOA Image by Roberto Labron


I promised some of you a Report on the Book(s), so here goes:

1. After a years of dreaming of my first book cover, I got the draft design of Reptile House in my inbox today. Wow can't express it. My dad was trying to talk to me about a fleas in their rental house in North Carolina -- more dogs, yes or no? -- and I just trying to feast my eyes.

I'm biased, but the book is going to be so beautiful. It will be up on this site soon. The designer is another of those geniuses from Rochester, Sandy Knight at Hoopskirt Studio .


2. I also sent the latest draft of the book to Peter Connors, the editor at BOA, today. (He asked for it. I have not been bugging him.) Editing starts "soon," he says. So except for monsoon rain and fleas in the rental, and despite item #4 below, the day has been notably excellent.

3. I have been reading a wonderful draft of Sandra Jensen's nearly-finished-novel Ten Virtuous Acts set in Sri Lanka in the 1980's in time of the civil war. So good. With luck the world will also get to read this book soon. (Comments soon Sandra. Skype? GO GO GO!)

4. Last and least, I let Pearl out last night at about 3 am and she met up with the skunk again. Tomato juice bath. Pink dog. Stinky.

It's still raining. The crows don't care. They have taken over the picnic table.

If this post was too boring, buzz over to where all the action is: the Potato Cannon Controversy at Mike's Maze in Sunderland. We might hold a reading there in a month or so, on one of the Zombie Paintball sets. So much to do.

More soon!

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