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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #11: TEXAS / PART I


It was 96 degrees at 6 pm when I left the farm just south of Manhattan, Kansas. I had just workshopped a new story so my brain was on fire not just my skin.

The cicadas.

The turtle in the grass.

Deep Creek Road to I 70 to Rt 77 to I 35 through Oklahoma City and onward to the Second Biggest State in the Union.

Napped in the back seat at a rest stop.

The truck stop in the morning had no tea bags.

In Dallas I found myself at the Cotton Bowl took 75 north to Lover's Lane then Hillcrest then Caluth to the most beautiful house -- a mirage after the rest stop.

Went to the 6th floor of Book Depository. Sad. Powerful. Hard to believe.

I love Dallas...

More soon....
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