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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #7

Harvard Reading with Sylvia True and Stephanie Kegan

Harvard Book Store with an All Star Cast!

Pretty fancy to be there:

Shared half a brown banana with Stephanie Kegan before. See you in Dallas Stephanie.

Found out about Monkey Ladies from the hilarious and generous Sylvia True.

Lots of old friends, new friends and loyal family filled the place.

THANKS to Sylvia True and Stephanie Kegan for their books and for sharing the stage at the Harvard Bookstore. Thanks Launch Lab, Grub Street and all the people who came out to support. Hello Kirstin Butler! Betsy Keane Dorr, Ellen Herrick,Michael Blanding,, Annie Weatherwax, Mary Wissemann and Andrew King for coming out..

Next stop -- the West Coast -- Skylight Books in LA on June 3 @ 7.
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