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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #14.9: POETS AND SPACE NEEDLES


Thank you SEATTLE!

For Lynn Grant and Brain and the whole family on 17th.


For Cousin Fred and all the Mount Holyoke Writers.

For Marshall and Carlyn who are leaving me soon.

For Christine Walters.

For Volunteer park with the Black Sun.

For Pike Place Market and the guy at the shoe store.

For the breakfast place with the thick French toast.

For Leo the dog.

For the clouds that cooled things down.

For Mt Rainier just behind the clouds.

For the Environmental kids on street corners.

For my third floor window with a view.

For people who read all the time.

For beer.

For tater tots.

For Burgers and Espresso

For all my friends...


Next stops (Alaska):

July 15, 2015. Reading with Frank Soos, Alaska Writer Laureate for 2015 @ UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA ANCHORAGE BOOKSTORE, Anchorage, Alaska, 4:30 - 6 pm.

July 18, 2015, Reading hosted by the FAIRBANKS ARTS ASSOCIATION, The Bear Gallery / Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts, Fairbanks, Alaska, 7 pm.

July 24, 2015. Reading at the SUTTON LIBRARY http:// (my old home town), Sutton, Alaska, 5:00pm

July 24, 2015, PARTY AT TURKEY RED FIRESIDE BOOKS, Palmer Alaska. 6:30 pm. Contact Fireside Books for tickets.

July 25, 2015, Book signing FIRESIDE BOOKS, Palmer Alaska. 11 am.
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