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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #15.5: THANK YOU FAA


Thank you Fairbanks Arts Association for a rallying the troops last night to The Bear Gallery in Pioneer Park -- in one of the best towns in America.

It was great to be back, share Reptile House with so many old friends and new.

I'll miss you, will get the next book a home so I have an excuse to return.

It was just fun on a rainy Fairbanks summer night.

Next stops:

July 24, 2015. Reading at the SUTTON LIBRARY (my old home town), Sutton, Alaska, 5:00pm

July 24, 2015, PARTY AT TURKEY RED FIRESIDE BOOKS, Palmer Alaska. 6:30 pm. Contact Fireside Books for tickets.

July 25, 2015, Book signing FIRESIDE BOOKS, Palmer Alaska. 11 am.

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