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The First in a Series of arrest posts, this one reported by Guest blogger John McLean concerning Bad Dogs, Hard-to-Read Pet Identification Tags, Officer Friendly, Leniency, the Futility of Incarceration, and the Persistent Desire to Roam Free.

Police report Peoria Ill afternoon 3 Sept 14 Call comes in "This the Peoria Police Dept calling asking you if you have a dog named "Colby." Yes I say why do you ask? Well, replies the officer, because he is "under arrest." What are you talking about I reply. Well, he says we just picked him up here on Moss Avenue running around loose which is illegal plus he could easily be struck by a car doing so. What the hell I shout. Where are you and "Colby?" He says he is on Moss just opposite the address he has on his tag. Damn that dog I shout. .. I will be right out to get him. I find "Colby" comfortable in the front seat of squad car. Damn you "Colby" what the hell are you doing I shout… I have told you to stay in the back yard time and time again. The officer is very nice and does not press any charges for being really, really illegal. No fine and he handed him over. He is now in "solitary" with no clue. We have been pretty good about watching out for him but he does do this at times and so we are going to put him in solitary tied to the chain that Robin got us for us to prevent such escapes. "Colby" is very clueless about his safety. We also have to be more vigilant.

Bad Dog
Good Dog
Smart Dog
Dumb Dog
Brave Dog
Scared Dog
Dog gone home.


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Robin McLean also blogs at Mike's Maze.
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