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Popcorn or Pie: Elaboration #2

In the Freezer: Seasonal Ice Cream Cake


After another long absence, Fish Obits is back again in The Midwest with Mac and Cindy, this time Elaboration of a Sunday afternoon, concerning Nutrition, Lost and Found Objects, Turkey Cake, Greed, Hunger, Persuasion, Sharing as Love.

Cindy: Who's playing?

Mac: Do we have popcorn for the game?

Cindy: We have pie. Who's winning?

Mac: We'll need popcorn.

Cindy: Pie is better.

Mac: We have to have popcorn.

Cindy: Popcorn has no nutritional value.

Mac: Popcorn is corn. Of course it's nutritious.

Cindy: Popcorn has all that salt. Who's winning?

Mac: I'm not really watching. Where's the paper? Pie is not nutritious either.

Cindy: Pie has apples.

Mac: Where's the chocolate?

Cindy: What chocolate?

Mac: The bag of it we got for Christmas. I know I saw that bag today.

Cindy: Was that a fumble?

Mac: I don't know what we did with it.

Cindy: I think we ate it all.

Mac: No way we ate it all.

Cindy: Those outfits are really funny!

Mac: Where did we put that bag?

Cindy: This pie is so good.

Mac: That does look good.

Cindy: It is.

Mac: What kind of pie is that?

Cindy: Apple. Delicious. With ice cream.

Mac: Ice cream is not nutritious either.

Cindy: Milk!

Mac: Is that turkey ice cream cake still in the freezer?

Cindy: Yum.

Mac: I thought we finished the turkey cake.

Cindy: There's still one one vanilla breast and a chocolate leg.

Mac: What about the mint chip?

Cindy: Long gone. Ah, ah, ah. Get your own!

Mac: That pie looks great.

Cindy: I thought you wanted popcorn.

Mac: You took the last piece.

Cindy: Ok. get a fork.


Turkey Ice Cream Cake

The original price was $34.99
marked down to $7.50 --
sold for $5.

--"How many weeks
has it been in
the freezer case?"
--"Just a couple."

We paid cash.
They promised caramel
skin protects from
freeze burn.


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