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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #16.5: LOST HORSE in SANDPOINT, IDAHO


It is said (in my Atlas) that Sandpoint, Idaho is the prettiest town in America. If it's not #1, it's right up there. The train across the lake, just as Marilyn Robinson says.
ANYWAY, I had fun there thanks to my pal Christine Holbert of LOST HORSE PRESS -- who I met while teaching at U of Montana Western a few years back -- who is a literary bad-ass -- who is responsible or at least has her hands in all things cultural in Sandpoint, as well as many others literary fancy things in Idaho proper, as well as over in Spokane and Montana -- for inviting me to the Sandpoint Library to read with the fantastic poet and lake swimmer DEVIN BECKER winner of BOA's A. Poulin Jr Poetry Prize -- who drove up from Moscow -- and for summoning such a robust and interesting crowd despite the fact that all the bars except one are all close at 9pm on a Wednesday night in Sandpoint -- someone in the crowd asked me if I ever used long sentences so this post is also to show that I can, even if improperly.

Thanks Christine, Devin, Marcy, Leon and all the rest. Thanks Sandpoint!
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