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FISH OBITUARIES:an anti-bloggers's blog

Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #14.9.5: ON THE DECKS OF SHIPS


On our last day together:


Hotdogs. Jesus Saves on the Megaphone near the gate.

Kettle corner.

Michael Jackson blaring ROCK WITH YOU on the rickshaw carts.

Carlyn needed the game explained: three strikes, three outs, etc.

No matter, Mariners went down 10 -3.

She checked it and California off her Bucket List.

Walked to the Triangle Pub and turned left.

Paid One Way to Bainbridge. The Return trip is free.

The Vessel, Wenatchee, was smooth and quiet on calm seas.

Someone said she saw an otter

but who knows if it's true?

Winslow was stacked with cars getting on, the shops all closed up.

The Vessel, Puyallap, brought us home

smooth and quiet on calm seas.

Ashore to Pike Street to the 10 to Capitol Hill to Highland

In the black Mercades for Chinese.

One last meal.

Marshall and Carlyn, I'll miss you all the rest of the way.

Until I see you again.

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