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Sad, Complex Story #1

Traffic in Prague / Photo by Rob McLean


The First in a series of Response Blogs -- a reader's comments to a previous post -- Guest Blogger Cousin Rob McLean (from Prague, over there in Europe) responds to Tony, The Goundhog, and the Shovel., concerning Fragility and Fatigue, Talking to Animals, Arrogance among Readers and Dieties, and Succumbing to the Digital Age.

I was like, running, yesterday and was listening to a book at the same time. Not that I'm going to mention the title because you'd accuse me of literary snobismus. I'm near the end of the run, meaning I don't exactly have full control of my limbs, as in, fine motor control. So it can be a bit disconcerting when a hedgehog scuttles (looks like it sounds) right out in front of me. I'm on a street, mind you. Not communing with nature. And I'm thinking about the cars that come along the road, inevitably, and I want to get this thing off the road. Because flattened hedgehog is just depressing. I'm a runner. I know these things. But he sees me and he freezes. I say dude, there's a dog not far from here. And cars. You're not safe. I'm torn, because I realize the longer I stay, the more danger he's in. And the longer I fret about this, the longer I'm going to have to rewind my book. So I end up playing god/author and running on, having played my part/non-part in the animal's maybe demise.


If you would like to contribute a fish (or reptile) obituary to this blog, please post a comment below with the basics. Don't you really kind of want to?

Or email at fishobituaries@gmail.com. Robin McLean also blogs at Mike's Maze.
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