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FISH OBITUARIES:an anti-bloggers's blog


To a campground my the Sea with Lighthouse/ Carlyn's request

Thank you COPPERFIELDS, in Healdsburg! Thank you Claire and Ed Burdett for housing us in style and introducing us to the town! Great to meet you Maureen and Family, Gloria, and the lunch gals.

On the way north....some highlights:
Confusion Mountain, paint (all colors) splattered all over the highway (a spray paint truck disaster?), Redwoods, Wonder Stump Road, Pistol River, Sneaker Wave Warners on
Meyer's Beach, sand flies, big rocks, Humbug Mountain, Rogue River, wretched RV restrooms, Shutter Creek Correctional Institution, Orick, Reedsville, Drain.

Next stop ANNIE BLOOM'S BOOKS, Portland, OR., tonight at 7 with the Polly Dugan.

See you there or send pals...
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