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Goodbye, Saphira


A real obituary by Margaret concerning Sudden Departures, Uncertain Unsettling Unanswered Questions, the Bear in the Neighborhood, Farewells.

Not knowing is hard.

You just didn't come back one evening. It isn't unprecedented. You've stayed out all night plenty of times, but you were fed only in the evening, so you tended to show up, and if not at night, always the next morning. You slept a lot that particular last morning, but that's not unprecedented either, as I used to call you "kitty barometer " when you were sleepy on rainy days. I'd painted the floor of a room the previous day. Did this set you off? You were a stray, and we don't know why. Maybe change bothers you. One of your people was away for two weeks, a first time with her away for so long with the rest of us home. Were you missing her? Or, was it just a fox or lynx? Or, that bear that was in the neighborhood later in the summer?

Not knowing is hard.

I miss you numerous times in a day. I miss your little wary trot down the trail after me. I miss your warmth when we watch videos. I miss your silhouette in the window as I approach the house. I miss your greetings both inside and outside. I miss your brief snuggles at night. I miss your cute little paw prints in the snow. I miss all of your goofy quirkiness, like the time you were out in the rain and so incredibly wet that you came inside and shook yourself off like a dog. I didn't even know cats did that...

However, I decidedly do not miss your desperate, plaintive meow. But, that is the only thing that I don't miss. So, the scales are tipped way more toward missing you than not...

Not knowing is hard.

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