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Sidewind Across America Tour -- Pencil Yourself In

Sidewind Across American Range


Hey as some of you know, next summer, after Reptile House comes out in May, Pearl and I are taking ourselves on a Sidewind Across America Tour. The SAA Tour is intended to squeeze as much fun out of this book as possible. (You never know if it will happen again.) The idea is go visit all my favorite friends/writers, to read in bookstores or living rooms or campgrounds (reptile houses at a few zoos, if possible). To act like famous writers together. To have a blast together. To SEE AMERICA together.

My dreams is that all my pals will drive a leg of this trip with me. Some of you have already penciled yourself in.

We are going to start in Rochester at BOA around May 12, and then hit the big east coast cities, all the gang in Boston, (pick up Chrissy in DC, Anita in Ashville, Melanie in Jacksonville), then sidewind over to Collette K. and Mel G in San Antonio, Gloria B in El Paso and Carlsbad Caverns, to L.A. (Lauren/Lisa/Angie), the San Francisco gang, then up to Hood River to see Nancy F and Joe, on the way to Lynn G in Seattle, then up to my old home in Alaska via the ALCAN highway -- with stops at all the hotsprings ( Liard /Chena) -- we can go to. We'll then say hello to the 49 Writers in Anchorage, Soldatna, Homer, Palmer and Fairbanks. Other stops on the way back( maybe put the car the ferry via the Alaska Marine Highway/Inside Passage) : onward to Sandpoint, Idaho to see Christine at Lost Horse Press, then the U. of Montana Western in Dillon, Boulder, Co to see Carol K, then through to Wisconsin to Tamara, then slide into Chicago to see Lois and Cliff, and my people in Peoria last.

All this is subject to the better ideas of fellow travelers.

It will probably take a couple of months. I am really going to do this.

I will be traveling in my usual cheapo fashion. Tent, cooler, map with tea stains.

Like Lewis and Clark, but nicer. No dog or horse eating allowed.

Who wants to go?

Or to have dirty travelers crash on your floor?

Think about it.
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