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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #14.5.9: SOLITARY PEAK


We circled the Backside to get to Hood River, 26 to 35.

The slopes were clear and drop offs, blue ice in the notches.

The Backside gave way to orchards, peaches, cherries.

In Hood River the kite boarders were out.

The Columbia is big.

The wind blew the waves upstream -- into the faces of barges and tugs.

Wet suits flop over bikes and coolers.

They were completely out of caesar salad.

Parking was $7 so we took our chances as law breakers.

We crossed the bridge after, to Washington, got lost on a road then disappeared. We turned back. John Law passed with a siren, we never saw why.

Highway 14 to 500 to 5 to Seattle, the space needle, Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill, and haze blocking Mt Rainier -- smoke from fires in Canada.

Resting, until...

Next stop: Sausalito - Why There are words. Thursday July 9 @ 7.

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