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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #8: SIRENLAND REUNION

CULVER CITY CALIFORNIA: Dani Shapiro, Michael Maren, Hannah Tinti-- you would have been so proud -- you started all this!! The West Coast SIRENLAND Reunion was FANTASTIC, the first of many book celebrations. A beautiful space, great wine and treats. Wonderful readings by about half the attendees. It was a so great to see everyone, meet new friends and old, hear the work, share amazing LA. What a tribe!

Thanks Lauren and Marissa, especially, for welcoming us into BAR AND GARDEN, and everyone who came from Far and Wide, who got home at 2 am or whenever! I'm afraid to try to list all of you since I know I'll forget someone.

THANK YOU!!!!!! Could not have been better!

I'll throw the next East Coast Party...

Next few stops:
SKYLIGHT BOOKS, Los Angeles, CA. @ 7:30 pm

June 4, 2015. Reading -- PRAIRIE LIGHTS BOOKSTORE, Iowa City, Iowa. 7pm

June 11, 2015, Reading THE WILD DETECTIVES, Dallas, Texas. 7:30 pm.

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