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The first in as series of posts by Lucifer, this one Talking Back to the angelic ANTI-BLOGGER'S MANIFESTO, on Accepting Desire for Fame and Fortune, Hyper-Linking as Internet Survival, and Unexpected Hook-ups, by a familiar contributor, Cousin Rob.

Oh, you're just hiding behind your desire for worldwide fame, global recognition. Here's the key to google status: links. Foist of awl, I wanna know you. And you are who/what you link to. So with that in mind, a parabola. Or a parapet. A pair of bulls:

I did a secret blog once, called Satan's Secrets. I did this to gain notoriety as an anonymous blogger who was shaking things up. The devilishly clever plan was to link to other people's blogs, click on those links, make reference to those blogs in my own blog, and assume that the authors would eventually find their way to me. Took a couple weeks, but then it worked. (Things fell apart when a guy who was using my computer inadvertently realized who my alter-ego was. And I became concerned that another guy I knew thought I was a girl and I was worried he might be beginning to chat me up.)

Moral of my story, and the part I forgot to add to the strategy meeting is: do some links to all your friends.

Don't be a snob. THINK BROADLY WHO YOUR FRIENDS MIGHT BE. Evil-doers spend lots of time on the internet. Harlots read, they buy books. And get these new friends linking back to you.

Hey, good luck. I'll be in Touch,


DEVIL's Fish Obit #828

Just quit swimming
Just quit swimming
Just quit swimming
Just quit swimming


If you would like to contribute a fish (or reptile) obituary to this blog, please post a comment below with the basics.
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