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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #11.6.5: TEXAS: BUDA


BUDA, TEXAS: I 35 south of Austin to exit 220 past the giant Cabella's to the train tracks. Wait for the freight train, wait in the signals bells -- Buda people are used to them and the whistle. Wait, though the blinking red separates you from a mattress. It is Buda tinted red at 2 am, Buda delirious after BookPeople, then a "tone" chat across the table between bottles of beer, between musicians on one side and and writers on the other, amid warm night city-breezes, then cherries with Kirk and Donna somewhere on a dark Austin hillside -- more about the unconscious, about time, understanding and thought, about dogs on spotted mats. It is the longest freight train in the world in Buda, but finally the train is over. Go over the tracks down Main Street to the tall brick building on the right, the only one. Up the outside steps -- steel -- up the center steps -- wooden, noisy -- to the huge center sewing room. The key is hidden in the ______. Cold water in the fridge. Another tropical storm is coming, close the windows. Salsa in the fridge. Chips in the fridge. Close the fridge door tight.

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