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Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #16.4: A GOOD CAMPGROUND IS HARD TO FIND

ok getting tired now

Out of Seattle: Stampede Pass / Soap Lake / Ritzville

A little parade of black cows -- nose to tail, nose to tail

A billboard: "Wouldn't you be happier if your car was clean?"

Rathdam / Spirit Lake

Farrugut Campground: FULL / Round Lake Campground: FULL

The Ranger said, "Where you from?"

"How long you been driving? You tired?"

"Watch out for deer."

At the Best Western the girl told me where to go, there were lots of secret campgrounds back where she lived: Back south again to Sagle, a left at the Java Shack, right on Talachi to the "Sportsmen's Access" sign, right to Shepards Lake. Camp anywhere, she said, for free... Hello Idaho.

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