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FISH OBITUARIES:an anti-bloggers's blog

Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #15.3: GLORIOUS DENALI


Denali, where are you? After waiting months for a glimpse.

All 20,322 feet of you?

You hulk.

Don't be shy.

325 miles between Palmer and Gold Hill Road.

Cumulus? Cirrus? Nimbostratus?

Just over there.

Come out!

Behind all that:

Altostratus? Cirrostratus? Cirrocumulus?

Clouds look the same everywhere.

We could be in New York City.

Except for Gorilla Fireworks, Big Lake, Trapper Creek.

The road was wet.

Hurricane Gulch.

The Igloo south of Cantwell.

A slow moving semi that would not get over.

The Motorcycles guys in rain gear just blew past him.

90 miles per hour.

Altostratus? Stratocumulus?

We passed the semi in the construction zone.

Swerved back onto pavement.

Glitter Gulch.

Lynx Creek Pizza.

Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn.

Light at One am.

Light at Two.

Light at three.

On and on till Fairbanks and winter someday, clear skies.

Next stop: Tonight at the Bear Gallery / Fairbanks / @ 7.

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