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FISH OBITUARIES:an anti-bloggers's blog

Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #11.5: TEXAS: CHISHOLM TRAIL #1

not the most direct route, but prettiest


198 miles, an easy day.
South again.
35W S was most direct
did not take it
121 to the airport to Grand Prairie
Fort Worth just over there
Hidden Creek Parkway
To Cleburne to Hamilton to Hico
The largest styrofoam cup was $1.19.

The storm cloud loomed for 50 miles.
A sheet of gray to the ground.
A road runner nearly hit by a car,
Tumbled around between lanes
A small bird flying -- pink or maybe peach --
The land was high, hilly, green

Goats, dogs, grackles, cows.
Bales of hay, round ones only
hills and hills of round bails.

The rain only blinded the windshield for a second
The headlights
The puddles
hydroplaned nearly

Austin is just over there
the signs keep saying it.

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