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FISH OBITUARIES:an anti-bloggers's blog


Story Vessel/Stonewear 21"/Teadust Glaze/Cone 10/gas

...write on clay.

HAPPY 2015!

New Years Eve in Wisconsin

Fromage Nation:
Birds perch over and feast on roads
Rabbits, Groundhogs, smaller Birds.
Hair is long
men, women, sheep.
Cellphones die.
Fires are lit from the top logs.

In The Driftless
children named
Arrow and Lichen
Sylvan and Sam,
Funeral directors out
of work due to new
waves of at-home practitioners.

Right to die.
Right to cold.
Right to bright sun.

Cows prevail.
Banjos banned
as too hard on young ears.
Potatoes are purple as are hills
rolling into hills left
neglected by glaciers
moated by beavers --
slaves to the
sound and feel of water flowing.

Fields flood.
Whole colonies
trapped, drowned, beheaded
in consequence.
Adults, adolescent, kits
in the hidden drains
and shovel blades
of Lutheran dominion.


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