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FISH OBITUARIES:an anti-bloggers's blog

Sidewinder Tour Blog Post #12.9.6: SUMMITS AND CARAVANS


Marshall drove Highway 50 = The Loneliest Road.

Salt Flats. 107.

Little Antelope Summit.

An arrow to Scipio.

Dust Devils ten stories high.

A Port-o-Potty Caravan. Two trucks full.

An arrow to Osceola.

A Solitary School Bus Stop.

Pancake Summit.

Another Port-o-Potty Caravan. Two more trucks full.

Strawberry (the town of?)

The Petroglyphs Campground:

Picnic able as a Bed

A Ridge

A Breeze

A coyote.

A Reptile alone in a bush.

Then us.

California here were come...


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