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Solo Writer Rides into Town....

Join Nevada Poet Shaun Griffin and me at the Nevada Humanities Lit Crawl on September 10 in Reno for our workshop called "Writing in Solitude."   (E.L. Cord Museum School Classroom #1, Nev Museum of Art, 160 W Liberty St, 1:30-2:15 pm).



Join me and (Nev Poet Laureate 2022) Gailmarie Pahmeier and (LV artist and activist) Brent Holmes for our panel called "What It Means to be Western." (Horan Pavilion at the Lake Mansion Arts and Cultural Center, 250 Court Street, 2:30-3:15 pm.)


 There will be lots of interesting stuff going on besides us...full Nevada Humanties Lit Crawl Schedule here.


Below is the beginning of a blog post I wrote for the Lit Crawl. It's up on the Nevada Humanities website now: 


I've always been a solo writer. Why? Read on


It started long before I'd written anything, as a potter in rural Alaska. No lights through the forest, no road sound as I spun my pots—it changed my midwestern, very urban mind. 


See you there, tell Reno friends, and happy trails!



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