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FISH OBITUARIES:an anti-bloggers's blog

FAMILY BIZ #1 / Fish Obits Editor Appears in Baltimore Sun

Wedding Night / Uncle Bob (Rob's dad) and Aunt Ursie (Glam-girl).


In the first of series of Brush with Greatness posts, a link to a post in today's Baltimore Sun by Cousin Rob McLean(cousin) -- an (imagined) Fish Obits editor -- concerning ALS, Social Media, Lost Fathers, Pain Held Close, Movie Stardom, and Provocation by the Digital Age.

Read Rob's Baltimore Sun post HERE.

Go, Rob. We are so proud of you!

If you would like to contribute a fish (or reptile) obituary to this blog, please post a comment below, OR email us at, OR BETTER YET, go to my CONTACT PAGE. Don't forget to filling the ANTI-ROBOT window at the bottom of the window or else I will NOT get your message. And I want to get it very much!

Robin McLean also blogs at Mike's Maze.

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